Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Make it stop!

In an effort to purify my heart and mind, I plan to avoid some topics that have over-saturated the media. You can throw 'em at me - but I'm duckin', People. Ears plugged and screaming to the heavens, here's my current Dear God, Make It Stop List:

  1. Bird flu - Look, Chicken Little, call me when you have more definite information.
  2. Terror/terrorism/terrorist - See above.
  3. Paris, Lindsey, Britney, Tom/Katie/Brad/Angelina - I could go on, but you know who the culprits are.
  4. iPod - Sorry. You still look stupid with stuff hanging outta your ears, be it Walkman, cell phone, or iPod. I don't care what the thing does.
  5. Gay marriage - Get over it. Live and let live. And here's hoping gays do a better job with it than heterosexuals.

OK, I'll stop there. C'mon - what's on your DGMIS List?

And keep those book suggestions coming - great stuff there! Thanks!


Christa said...

I can only say that I agree with the list you already have. In the end you get kind of immune to the news.
That morning when the bombings happened in London, I had breakfast and I listened to the news the way I always do - with only 25% of my attention. And at the time I didn't understand how serious it really was since the word "bombs" and "terror" have become so saturnated.

As for Paris, Britney and gawd knows who...who cares?

melinama said...

Can we stop all economists predicting the future?

Can we stop being scolded for spending (= going into debt) and also for saving (= bad for the economy) ??

MaryB said...

Christa - exactly! The classic Boy Who Cried Wolf reaction kicks in and we become deaf to real terror (or bird flu) when it happens.

And I'm with you on the no-win-situation economists, Jane. I've given up trying to figure out what's "good for the economy."

Anonymous said...

I agree with the list, and the inclusion of alchemists, er, "economists". I'd add that there is no one blaming America for anything, but there are quite a few people who wouldn't mind seeing some its self-styled leaders take a seat in the dock at Den Hague.

Maybe the DGMIS list contest should award a sock to the worst offenders in all categories? There could be a scale, too. ParisBritneyBrad is a definite, five sock candidate.

Sammy (visiting by way of Loose Poodle).

MaryB said...

Five sock candidate - hilarious, Sammy!

Chris said...

What really surprises me is that my list is almost identical to yours but we live thousands of miles apart!!

My list would also include:
Princess Diana (why can't they
let the woman RIP)
Reality TV entertainment
(not reality, not entertainment)
OK I know I don't have to watch
it but it is also discussed as a
serious subject in newspapers,

By the way, Mary, found your blog via PT and you have kept me fascinated for the last hour - better go and have breakfast & get dressed now!