Friday, December 02, 2005

Ho-ho-ho-larious holiday songs

Before diving into the embarrasing orgy of good, bad, and bad-good Christmas films, I'll pick up the candy cane baton and lead out the Novelty Holiday Song Marching Band. (OK, that band's just in my head, but if you want to join, just let me know whether you'll be playing the kazoo, the bass kazoo, the raspberry, or the sliding whistle. Oh, and bring your own uniform.)

Let's get started:

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by actor/comedian Art Carney. This cool-cat jazz rendition of Clement Moore's poem is brilliantly funny. I dare you to sit still while Carney is scattin'-rappin'. Crazy!

"Porky Pig's B-b-b-lue Christmas" by (I think) Denny Brownlee (and if you have more info on this, bring it on). The guy laughing in the background is as funny as the performance. The timing of the stutters is a real knee-slapper, and the talking interlude - well. Who knew Porky's love life was such that he'd be forced to bare his feelings in this Christmas classic and give Elvis a run for his money?

"Codependent Christmas" by The Therapy Sisters. The family has to fall in line to shoulder Mom's illusion that she is completely responsible for the perfect Christmas. (Except for Dad, who just drinks himself through it.) Oh, we've all been there (and some of us have been been in Mom's shoes, too). Hey, Christmas is all about codependency, and is that necessarily a bad thing? In this song, yes. Yes, it is.

"Hanukkah Hey Ya" by comedian Smooth-E. This was THE novelty holiday song hit last year. My Kate couldn't get enough of it. Some fan even created a flash video, with Smooth-E's blessing. Favorite line: "Oy is just 'yo' backwards." Think about it.

"All I Want for Christmas" by Spike Jones and His City Slickers. Spike Jones - I mean, can anyone touch him for his use of instruments and sound effects to make any song tear-streamingly funny? The guy was light-years ahead of his time. And the "Jingle Bell" bridge with the impeccably-timed sneezes, horse whinnies, and such - oh, my!

OK. That's just the beginning. Your turn - start adding your favorites.

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