Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Keeping a tight holiday schedule (that's "shhhhedule," darling)

I'm a lot like this. Except younger. And with red hair.
Oh, and my family's not so screwed up.

All caught up in the holiday whirlwind and haven't had much time to grab hold of the desk long enough to pull me out of it to slap down a post. Here's what's happening:

Work this week - busy, busy as everybody tries to slide things in under the 2005 wire and get a jump on January. (You understand, though, because I know you're going through the same thing.) But I still look adorable, even as I brush the loose strands of hair from my face in the frenzy.

Tonight - Kate and I are having dinner with a friend at the Piedmont Driving Club. No, we ain't members - we not be rich or couth enough - but we have a friend or two who lets us bask in the glory of this most exclusive of the exclusive Atlanta private clubs. And you know we'll look precious and remember to keep our elbows and feet off'n the table.

Tomorrow night - Holiday Pops Concert at All Saints' with Kate, her guy Greg, and my second cousin Nell. Another fabulous chance to look cute and sing real loud. Fa-la-la. Then to dinner at a trendy midtown restaurant - Two Urban Licks. Are ya' keepin' up?

Thursday night - Well, a conflict of interests. Have a fabu-invite for a hoppin' 'do at friends' house, but have to pass it by since there's a Galaxy Music Theatre board meeting scheduled at same time. And since I'm secretary of the board and the meeting's at my house, guess I'd better opt for the board meeting. (Here's hoping many a gin will be raised in my honor at Jim and Francis' party.)

Friday night - Finish shopping and addressing Christmas cards, and I mean it! Saturday - lunch with a friend.

Sunday - Big family (cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, out-laws, the works) Christmas pig-fest and laugh-till-you-cry celebration. It'll be loud with everyone talking at once. Woe be to those who can't multitask their listening and talking efforts!

I'm afraid to look at next week's calendar. Suffice it to say, it'll be more ho-ho-ho-ing, eating, and being joyful that I have dear ones to ho-ho with. Still keepin' up?

In the midst of your wildness and festive frenzy, spare a thought once in a while for my former classmate Tom Fox and the other hostages in Iraq. There's still no news of their fate; the deadline lapsed on Saturday.

For now, I need another cuppa tea. (And the news today is that tea helps stave off ovarian cancer, as if I needed a health reason to drink the stuff.)

It's hard - but ultimately satisfying - being the Christmas Queen.


chux said...

hi there
Noticed in Pete's blog you said you frequent Walton when in the UK. That is so close by for a number of us guys that you have been in touch with through the blog.
What a small world eh?!

MaryB said...

Without sounding too much like a Disney attraction, it is a small - er - little world. I pulled many a pint at the Ashley Park Hotel in my salad days (and when it was a pretty little place, not the industrial-strength chain it is now) and chugged many a pint at the Little Ashley (Ashley Arms) - long gone, located on the other side of Birdseye on the green. Ah.

Now I just hang out with my English "parents" at the Walton Conservative Club. Such irony!

petercmoore said...

I always say "skedule" in the manner of you lovely American folks over there.

After all, School = Skool, not Shool.

Scholastic (Skolastic, not Sholastic).

I can't understand my fellow countrymen's obsession for changing the pronunciation of every 4th word.

MaryB said...

Because that's what makes English such a fun language (and aren't we glad we were born into it and didn't have to learn it as a second language?)!

You say tomato and I say to-mah-to . . .