Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hi Ho Hi Ho - with a groan and a stretch - it's back to work we go

On the third day of Christmas, my kind boss gave to me - a job to return to. Since nothing really gets back to normal until after the first of the year, I use the week after Christmas to organize things both real and virtual. I still have a brainful of tinsel, so I'll spend the morning doing the manual labor of cleaning my desk. That should get me to lunchtime. After that, I'll be ready to start the organization of computer files which has needed to be done for at least six months. That should last till Friday. See, I need a clear strategy or I'll just put my head on my desk and doze.

But first, the annual post-Christmas Day inventory:
  1. Best meal: Christmas lunch at my sister's (though my own Christmas Eve supper is a close second). We were able to crowd around one table, since three of our group were absent due to illness. Ham, turkey/dressing, Brunswick stew, green salad, ooh and lots more. Plus yum-worthy desserts. But it was the family sharing the meal that made it the best.
  2. Best practical gift: I told you Santa promised me a digital camera if I was a good girl, and I hid my sins of commission so well that he brought it anyway. Poor you - you'll be subjected to many more personal photos on Shorty PJs from here on out!
  3. Best sentimental gift: Sister Cindy put together family picture albums for Brother Bill, Aunt Nell, and me, with scanned images of some very old photos starting with Mother when she was little and carrying right through to Christmas 1960. Cindy's a graphic artist - not a scrapbooker - and she did a beautiful job selecting papers and backgrounds for the pictures. A treasure!
  4. Biggest regret: I know I said I wouldn't worry about eating too much, but boy, did I eat too much! I feel like I huge city-eating slug, and all the pictures taken over the past few days reveal that, yes indeed, I AM a huge city-eating slug. NO MORE WHITE FOOD. I mean it!
  5. Best new tradition: After church and supper on Christmas Eve, Kate, her feller Greg, and I each chose a story to read to the others around the fire. Greg read The Gift of the Magi, Kate read The Polar Express, and I read (you guessed it) A Child's Christmas in Wales. It was a soothing, peaceful way to greet Christmas.
What about you? Was it calm and bright for you, or more 'tis the season to be jolly?

Off to work - must organize, don'cha know.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas! We were quite merry ourselves. First year with Santa for my little girl, so that was fun. Yummy food. And of course, the George C. Scott Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve. :)