Thursday, December 01, 2005

Garth hits the big-time! I'm so (weepy sniff ) proud!

My cohort in crime, Garth Johnson, has a ceramics show opening today and running through Sunday, Dec. 4, at Spalding Nix Fine Art here in Atlanta. And boy, is he makin' news.

He was featured today in Atlanta's Creative Loafing. He's also splashed all over the BBC Russian website for something completely unrelated to his art. Um, or not. See for yourself here at his blog, Extreme Craft.

The rest of us in the office spent the day pillaging his work station (it already looks pillaged anyway, so he'll never notice) for stuff we can sell on e-Bay after he's uber-famous.

Damn! Why didn't we take pictures at Thanksgiving? Those would be worth a fortune. Wait - I think I have some dregs of his Chipotle Sweet Potatoes I could dry out and save in a baggie. Hmmmm.

Well, we'll always have Vancouver . . .

If you're in the Atlanta area this weekend, head for Spalding Nix's place and have fun with ceramics.

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