Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Survivor NYC

Don't know if my torch will be doused or not after yesterday's interview. I rose to all the challenges, I think, and I didn't throw up on anybody or break into a Tourettes-rant, so I consider it a raving success. Oh. And I looked adorable (in case you're wondering - which you're not, because you knew I would look adorable, at the very least). So lots of things workin' for me.

Anyway, all five interviewers were encouraging and affable - no trick questions. (Or maybe there were trick questions, and I just didn't pick up on 'em. Hm.) I was all set to tell them what kind of tree I thought I was or justify my favorite circus animal, but no, those things didn't come up. I'll save my answers for another time, cuz they wuz good 'uns.

The night before the interview, friend Jay took me through a yuk-yukable interview process, and we came up with the most outrageous answers. Lots of food-spewing hilarity in that little French restaurant, I'll tell you. Por example: "Where do you see yourself in five years?" "On the back of a Harley, hair red and piled high, one hand hanging on to my fat geriatric hippy boyfriend and the other holding up my tube-top." I think they'd've loved that answer, personally. But - sob! - no one asked me where I expected to be in five years.

I was asked what I thought the biggest challenge to living in New York City would be, and I answered "staying out of the theatres." OK, that and affordable housing. (At least I didn't say "staying out of crack-houses and off hooker-corners." Give me some credit.)

But seriously. I think I did well, but you never know. The plan is to cull through the interviewees and call a couple back in for the ultimate reference check-o-meter and drug test-o-rama. Woo-hoo!

I do appreciate all the well-wishes and luck-to-yers that came my way before facing the firing squad. Thank you all. Stay tuned.


petercmoore said...

Did I say "good luck" before the interview? I can't remember.

But, Good Luck, with all the post-interview stuff.

"Drugs test"? Really? Is that where they check your blood for traces of illicit substances? Or are they going to ask you the best place to score crack and ask you what your favourite album is when stoned?

Seriously - I don't know if anyone does that here (well, I guess the Police or Army would, but, not really anyone else). Or am I being very naive?

Liz Hinds said...

Husband works for EDS, an American-based company and I suspect drug-testing would be on their to-do list. They try to control clothes and facial hair ... although they have changed in latter years, although that may just be in Europe.

Anyway, Maryb, glad to hear the interview went so well. Of course, we knew you would look adorable: how else could we imagine you? Hope the result is what you want it to be.

Just listening to the soundtrack from O Brother, where art thou? One of my favourites.

MaryB said...

Over here, it's up to employers as to whether or not they drug-test. The only one I've been required to have was for the school system before I was hired as a teacher a few years back. The job I'm after now is fairly high profile at the headquarters of the Episcopal Church, so I understand their requirement (the church doesn't need any more trouble on its plate than it already has . . .).

But PT, I like your idea of drug-testing. Favorite album when stoned - very har-har! (So, what is you favorite?)

Thanks Liz for your vote of confidence on the question of looking adorable. And great choice of music, too. LOVE O Brother Where Art Thou. "As I went down to the river to pray . . ."