Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beyond tired

Too tired to blog, but wanted to share a few pictures. Enjoy!

Amanda and Ella mud and tape the ceiling of a back bedroom.

The chicks responsible for sheetrocking and mudding this spectacular bedroom - Amanda, moi, homeowner Regina, and Ella.

Pier at Pass Christian

That's it for now - must shake the dust outta my hair!


Christa said...

Ooooo...that looks like loads of fun :D Hope the end result will be great too :))

chux said...

bet your lovin it - good for the soul!!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be happy doing this. Maybe you should take it up full time ... you know, go to mudders college, join the tapers and mudders union, the whole nine yards...

I've been off planet for a week. What happened on the new job? Or should I not ask...?

MaryB said...

Yeah - it has been good fun. We were fortunate to be teamed with a laugh-riot crew, which made everything so much easier.

Gaining new skill-sets is a definite plus - lots of cash in construction work, doncha' know.

Yes. I got the news about the job yesterday, but since I'm out of town and there are some people I need to talk to before giving my final answer, I'll wait for a couple of days to break the news on the blog.