Friday, March 03, 2006

Just wonderin'. (Friday edition)

It's Friday, and I feel the need to empty my head of questions and supposin's that have been rattling around. Consider this post my brain's vacuum cleaner bag. (We'll figure out which trash bin to put it in later.) So, here we go:

What makes me think that toasted bread has fewer calories than untoasted bread?

Why do website entrepreneurs think that floating an irritating, jumpy little ad across my screen will make me want to buy the product (as opposed to put my fist through the monitor)?

Reese or Felicity? George or Paul?

Is it just me, or does Iraq seem to be imploding?

Why do men feel the need to spit on the sidewalk (or anywhere, for that matter)?

Why do banks have the ability to suck money outta' your account at the speed of light but not credit a deposit for 3-5 days (in this age of electronic banking)?

What's it all about, Alfie?

Pretty scary, huh? What's pinging around in your head today? (Bet it's just as scary.)


Christa said...

It's snowing in this part of England tonight and I'm actually wondering if there's a big climate change coming in.
Yesterday I read in the news somewhere that a few thousand kilometers of polar ice have gone into the ocean in Antarctis...and it said that it would explain why we have such a long winter.
Makes me wonder how close to the truth the movie "Day after tomorrow" really is...

Except from that I'm wondering why the fish I made for dinner tonight smelled like I cooked it in some cleaning liquid :p But that's a detail, really. Fish never been one of the good things around here.

Unknown said...

On my blog over here in England I've been talking about four dialect words. They are int, dint, dunt and ****

They are [in my estimation]four rather fine words - which I have spelt phoenetically - and which represent:

is not : isn't : int;
did not : didn't : dint;
does not : doesn't : dunt; and finally
could not : couldn't : c**t !

All of these words are used in the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire area and feature fairly strongly on the Artic Monkeys' album.

And it is so good to hear them being used. Alex Turner [their lead singer] doesn't overdo the use of his/our dialect as I noticed for example that he sings 'Sunday' - when we all know it's 'Sundy', intit ?

It is also good to hear him sing 'nowt' to rhyme with 'float' as opposed to 'nowt' to rhyme with 'out'.

Now whether this will make sense on your blog Mary I'm not sure. It does tie in with the Wildgoose Chase blog though because I would assume Walter Wildgoose would have used these four words.

MaryB said...

Wow - you guys are thinking way deeper than I am today! From catastrophic climate changes to interesting dialects - and me, toast.

Tamar said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I am splitting my sides laughing and nodding in agreement at your wonderings at the same time - especially the "men spitting on sidewalks" one ...

This post of yours is exactly why I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Re: the spitting thing. I too have observed this, even practiced it on occasion. Most men spit, often subconsiously, like an autonomic function that "dunt" have to be thought of, before, during, or after peeing. I think it has something to do with marking territorial rights, like a male dog peeing every 30 seconds on every bush or tree he comes across.

Walker's comments about int, dint, dunt, etc. take me back to my days in Pittsburgh. The natives there use those corrupted contractions also. I did not know they were used elsewhere.

Unknown said...

It's a long time since I've spat - except in private if I have a cold.

Interesting that 'int' 'dint' etc. are used in Pittsburgh.

Liz Hinds said...

If fish cooking smells like cleaning liquid, could be it's ammonia and not good to eat the fish!