Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Love my baby girl

Last night sister Cindy, brother-in-law Buck, nephew Mikey, daughter Kate, and I went to dinner then to Peachtree Tavern for Monday Night Karaoke. Kate and Mikey are regulars and had invited the 'rents to hear 'em sing.

Well, Mikey was tired and opted not to do one of his famous Neil Diamond numbers, but Kate - ever the performer - did two songs.

The second was "Your Baby Girl" and she chose it especially for me. Here are some of the lyrics:

I know that I’m on my way.
Well, I can tell every time I play.
An' I know it’s worth all the dues I pay,
When I can write to you and say:
"Dear Mom and Dad,
I’ll send money. I’m so rich that it ain’t funny.
Well it oughtta be more than enough to get you through.
Please don’t worry 'cause I’m all right,
See, I’m stayin’ here at the Ritz tonight
Whaddya know, we made our dreams come true.
An' there are fancy cars an' diamond rings,
But you know that they don't mean a thing.
Well, they all add up to nothin' compared to you.
Well, remember me in ribbons an' curls.
I still love you more than anything in the world:
Love,"Your baby girl."

Not only can my baby girl knock your socks off singing, she's a sweetie pie to boot. Must go shed a tear now . . .


Liz Hinds said...


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to know that there is someone in your family with talent. ;-)

Don't mind me ... just being my usual SAWB...

Anonymous said...


I can't sing. But my threshold for public humiliation is lower than my love of karaoke.

MaryB said...

Hey, I'm the first to admit I have no talent, Winston!

And Jamie, it does take gumption to put yourself on the karaoke line, that's for sure. Some people were just awful, but they were having fun, so what the heck? But there were also some very, very good singers, as well. I didn't have the nerve to get up there, but here's to those who did!