Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Beware the Ides of March! I just learned that dear Julius Caesar was murdered 2050 years ago today (not really, since we've had a calendar change or two since then, but stay with me here). Thanks to Shakespeare, we all spend the 15th of March avoiding friends in cloaks and togas who might be wielding sharp objects. My eyes will be especially skinned for any weapon Garth might be concealing under his Mr. Rogers sweater.

Hm. Cloaks, togas, sharp objects. Metaphors for all sorts of things. Here's what I hope to avoid today:

Irate clients
Irate bosses
Funny smells
Funny rashes
Bad music
Bad news

All of this is highly subjective, but the gods know from whence I'm coming. I think I'll just take a tip from that great movie (S)Ideways and drink a lot of red wine today (no merlot). Then I won't much care about bad music, funny smells, and irate bosses.

What are you avoiding today?

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