Monday, March 06, 2006

Loose ends

A few stray threads that need tying up before facing the rest of the week:

Yes, the gutter-cleaning man I posted about a couple of weeks ago came back and did a fine job of the gutters. Still feel bad about not having enough cash on hand when he came by the first time, though.

Olympics and Oscars are behind us. No real "Ice Princess" emerged, in my mind. (And leave off with the curling business. Geez.) As for the Oscars - meh. Again, no real Ice Princess emerged (except for maybe Joaquin Phoenix - what crawled up his butt last night?).

No resolution yet on the car accident law suit. I keep getting emails from my lawyer saying the other side will settle any day now. Tick. Tock. Snoooooooooooze.

No word on Tom Fox and the other hostages in Iraq. They've passed the 100-day mark. I can't help but wonder if there's another motive emerging in keeping them and the young American journalist now that the country's verging on civil war. Maybe not.

And no word on last week's job interview. Maybe I just stunned 'em to pieces. Good thing? Bad thing? Ah, well, it's been an adventure, nonetheless.

I think that's everything. If there's something else that needs resolving (world peace, starving children, irritating pop-up ads), let me know.

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