Friday, January 13, 2006

Time to put on lipstick and head for the weekend!

In celebration of Friday the 13th, I left work 13 minutes early. I'm thinkin' that's OK since I put in some overtime this week.

I give you all permission to call it a week as well. If your boss has a problem with that, have him/her/it see me.

Now go out and do something memorable!


Anonymous said...

Suddenly cold up here in Music City. Guess you've got about the same. Like the new look - nice and clean. But the "Shorty PJs" logo/header could use a punch of some kind...

MaryB said...

Yeah - after a week of spring (just to confuse the daffodils), it's cold and windy here. I plan to spend the day in front of the fire reading and writing - and snoozing, natch.

And Christa at Awful Souls is working on a spiffy Shorty PJs header for me. But for now, Shorty's sportin' the virginal look. ;-)