Thursday, January 05, 2006

Road trip!

Hittin' the road again today, this time not for work. I'm on the curriculum committee for the Global Episcopal Mission Network's certificate program, and we're gathering at a member's home on Amelia Island (Florida) to hash out details. Lest you think I'll be sunning and surfing all weekend, put your minds at ease. Amelia Island is the northeast corner of Florida and it looks like the temperatures will be almost the same as Atlanta (i.e., not warm enough for a pool party). Nose to the grindstone, but in a nice setting. (That's why Shorty PJs-Gidget looks so discouraged in the picture.)

So, off I go. I'll have my computer but don't know what my blogging opportunities will be, so this may be farewell for a few days. Try to make it through, my little Shorty-cakes, and please keep the world away from disaster while I'm gone!

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Anonymous said...

We've got yer back, MaryB. Bon voyage...or whatever...