Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The deed is done

Well, you knew I'd do it, didn't you? Despite my career-changing angst, you knew I'd just have to throw the Shorty PJs pantaloons into the resume pile. Done. Faxed. Receipt confirmed. Thanks for your go-for-it enthusiasm, PT and Chuck-ster. If I make the short-list and am called in for an interview, I'll let you more about the job. Stay tuned.

Yes, Winston, I'm all personality'd out after three days as an exhibitionist - er, exhibitor - at the CDC Symposium. I need a smile-regenerator at this point.

Give me a day to rest up, and I'll get back to the fun stuff tomorrow.


Chris said...

Well done, Mary; I totally agree with PT and Chuckie and wish you all the luck in the world.

petercmoore said...

Ooer. You've applied? I didn't mean it!

Only kidding! Good luck and all that.

Christa said...

Good luck :D Sorry that I'm late, but Blogger have been a pain in the behind lately :(

MaryB said...

Thanks for the support, friends. My chances feel rather like, "Snowball, meet Hell. Hell, Snowball," but I had to go for it. If anything, it got my heart pumping again. We'll see.