Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mid-January comfort food

Is there a worse month to swear off food than January?

Sure, it comes right after the golden triangle of binge-eating, October-November-December, but this bleak year-startin' month requires power-comfort-food eating just to make it through the day (which looks a lot like the night).

Now unlike most folks, I actually like winter because it gives me an excuse to sit by the fire and read or work on my book or take little dog-naps (sorry, no cat-naps - we're a dog family). But sitting by the fire is not conducive to eating a bowlful of salad greens and wheat germ. No, it's about 1950's hot, white, cheesy food - gooey, starchy confections alternated with salty, crunchy tid-bits. And a piece o' chocolate every now and then.

OK, pretend it's cold and bleak outside, the sky a lovely shade of battleship gray (not much of a stretch of the imagination, granted). So, what'll ya' have? My fireside-sitting must haves include:
  • cheese grits (it's a Southern-thang)
  • grilled cheese sandwich
  • spaghetti and chili with cheese
  • hot oatmeal slathered in butter and brown sugar
  • popcorn
  • nachos (ratio of cheese to chips: 25/1 + jalepenos, natch)
  • more cheese (cubed, sliced - preferably with slices of summer sausage)
  • tea (OK that's not bad for me, but I gotta have it)
Obviously a cheese-themed list. But I'm not really worried about this caloric cholesterol fest anymore now that I've discovered the Funny Film Exercise Plan. The more food, the more funny movies. Life is definitely getting better!

What's on your comfort food list?

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