Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tattoo Tag Tamed

Christa tagged me with a "List of 4 " challenge, and since she was so patient and fabulous to create my new blog banner, I couldn't say no. But I'm pleading the 5th on a couple of 'em, OK, Christa? Here goes:

4 things you wouldn’t mind having tattooed on your arse:
  1. Peace symbol
  2. Candy cane
  3. "Wide Pride"
  4. "If you can read this, you're standing too close"

4 dangerous and irresponsible things you have done in the name of fun:
  1. Hyperventilating and passing out. We used to do this all the time at junior high slumber parties, but now kids who do it seem to die. Maybe we were doing it wrong. Hm.
  2. Jumping out of a 2nd floor dorm room window at Oxford. Don't ask.
  3. I plead the 5th. Family members read this blog.
  4. I plead the 5th. (see above)
4 useless things that you have bought during an identity/midlife crisis-type moment:
  1. A plane ticket to New York. (I did use it; just didn't need it.)
  2. A blue nightie from Victoria's Secret. (Now, this was useless.)
  3. A gym membership. (Fugitabahtit.)
  4. A fancy cookbook. (As useless as the blue nightie. I cook. Just not fancy.)
That's it for me. I won't tag anyone, but if you wanna jump in, be my guest. Then we can all go down to the local tattoo parlor and have our arses branded, eh?


Johnno said...

The new banner is impressive.

Christa said... don't have to do this just coz I've tweaked your blog design a bit, Mary. It's just for fun anyways ;)

So you jumped from windows and I've climbed up to them...hmm...hehe