Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Broadway loses another light

Well, what is there to say about the death of Wendy Wasserstein? Too young. Too vibrant. A lover of all things Broadway. Chronicler of a generation. Puttin' the girls on the big stage. Well, shoot, ain't that the way of things.

I didn't get to see "The Heidi Chronicles" on stage (saw the movie with Jamie Lee Curtis) but I did see "The Sisters Rosensweig" at the Alliance Theatre here in Atlanta. It was kinda cool that one of our own (women of a certain age. . .) came to such prominence writing about the kind of stuff we could relate to.

And her Pamela's First Musical picture book is a must-have for any Broadway musical theatre-lover, really capturing the thrill of having the lights go down and the overture begin. Um-um-um. Nothin' better, my friends.

So long, Wendy. The lights of Broadway dim for you tonight.


Anonymous said...

And I lost you due to too many changes in my feeds...lol
Sorry for not being around much, Mary. Meesa been busy :)

MaryB said...

Well, fortunately Christa, I can find you!

I know you're spending all your time riding around in your car-car, now that it's up and running again, eh?