Wednesday, January 18, 2006

See ya' at Petticoat Junction

And the latest girlie fashion trend is - wait for it - the slip! Yes! I love wearing a slip. Clothes fit better, and I don't have to feel the inside seams of my clothes when I wear one. Alas, I had to pack my petticoats away a few years back when they became passe. Had to move 'em to the back of the drawer with the granny panties.

But now! Thanks to Reese Witherspoon/June Carter Cash and the King Kong movie, slips are all the rage again. They're considered sexy, not senile. Wa-hoo! And you know it must be true because it was in the New York Times. (Insert big, sarcastic wink here.)

Well, I'm going with it. I can pass for Reese Witherspoon. If you stand 'way back and squint. Better yet, pretend I'm one of the classic slip queens - Lee Remick, Janet Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor. Oh, yeah, baby.

And while I'm moving my slips to the front of the lingerie drawer, I'm going to grab the granny panties, too. Ya' never know when some nubile young thang'll make big girl pants the latest craze. You heard it here first, friends.

Now go watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. There's some slip-wearin' for ya'.


Anonymous said...

No way am I wearing a slip. A slip requires a skirt or a dress, see. It gets all bunched up under my jeans.

Chris said...

No problem - bunch it up in the right way and it could look quite interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

I am happy the slip is making a come-back. I really missed them all those years.