Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back in bid'ness

Sunrise, Amelia Island Florida

Very productive little trip to Amelia Island but glad to be home. Observations and highlights:
  • I-16 from Macon to Savannah is the most boring road ever. (Though my daughter would argue it's the freeway the runs between St. Louis and Denver - she's probably right.)
  • Cracker Barrel is the world's tackiest place to eat.
  • Five people from diverse life experiences can tackle a monumental mess and create something of organized, sacred beauty. In a day and a half. Without even that many potty breaks.
  • Lives connect in amazing ways. Listening to someone else's story makes it a part of your own.
  • Can't believe some folks are still forced to use a dial-up modem. I'd forgotten how that stupid dialing-whistling-roaring stuff sounds while it's taking 45 minutes to bring up the homepage (or any page, for that matter).
  • I can't sleep when someone is snoring like a hog in the Truffle-Snuffling Olympics. (Did I mention I was glad to be home?)
  • The ocean is awesome in January.
Now it's off to my own bath, book, and bed. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Fantastic photo! Yes, the ocean is great this time of year. So are the deserted beaches, which I love to walk.

Now, now, MaryB, you don't need to go making such disparaging remarks about snorers. Some of us just can't help it - medical condition, etc. A recent study showed that something like 30% of couples surveyed admitted to sleeping apart due to snoring. It's actually much higher than that as they also found out most people are reluctant to admit it.

meljoy said...

of thos sad, pathetic people that is still forcd to use a dial-up modem. Well I'm not forced, I could pay $90 (plus taxes) for a cable modem (and cable tv), but I already have cable tv, and you can't get DSL where I live. Apparently it's not profitable to make DSL available in the inner city kuz no one has computers, but hehe, guess what... I do!!

They should make it available JUST because I have a computer. So since I am not willing to whore myself out for $100 a month (comcast can go to hell), I will stick with dial up for the next month or two. Supposedly verizon is going to make it available then by the end of February, but who knows...

MaryB said...

Great to be back and hoping for a normal nose-to-grindstone week ahead.

Winston, didn't mean to offend snorers (I suspect I do some of it myself). I only meant to comment that since I've lived alone for so long and am not used to sharing a room with a freight train, I had a hard time sleeping. Why, some of my most favorite people are snorers. (As long as I don't have to sleep with them . . . )

And meljoy, I certainly didn't intend to diss dial-up users. That's why I said I couldn't believe folks were still forced to use it (either for cost or for availability). DSL isn't available at Amelia Island and that's why I got to engage in the adventure. I do know that we're spoiled in Atlanta because we were uber-wired for the 1996 Olympics and we've had access to all sorts of goodies that many folks haven't. Didn't mean to sound uppity. :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I agree about the ocean in winter.