Friday, September 09, 2005

Wonder Women supply hands-on help

A few days ago Grace Davis, she of I am Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare blog, noticed a plea on Craigslist from Victoria Powell of Madison, Mississippi, to send supplies directly to those in need. Well, you know how kindred spirits just gravitate to each other and before your very eyes - Bam! - big cosmic things happen.

These two good-hearted, high-calibre chicks - and the blogging community - are making some miracles happen. Grace set up a blog for Victoria so that she can zap out to all of us what's going on at Ground No-Ground, plus Grace set up a database of shelters, needs, etc. and keeps it updated here at a new blog called Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief! You'll find practical, easy-breezy, hands-on ways to get relief supplies and services directly to the folks that need them.

Sometimes the foot-soldiers have to do the leading.

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