Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Odds 'n sods

It's a random morning -

Love the term "forgetfulness-defying" from Tibor Fischer's The Thought Gang, but I'm not sure what it means. Does it mean absolutely unforgettable, or overly-forgetful? I can argue either way. Guess I should re-read the book to get the context. Also from the book: "You're born, you fail as much as you can, then you die." Some days are just like that. Many (thankfully) are not.

Another favorite quote from the film Peter's Friends: "Adults are just children who owe money." Sigh. How true, how true.

I'm feeling a lot of angst right now over what to do about a picture for my church directory. Over the past 10 years I have developed (no pun intended) a huge phobia about having my picture taken. Well, not so much about having it taken - more that I cannot smile in any semblance of a natural way whenever someone pulls out a camera. Actually, I'm OK-looking and have a good smile, but the minute a camera is pointed my way I cannot for the life of me give a natural smile. Even friends can't believe how bad I look in pictures. So anytime a photo is required of me, I get beyond-stressed out. How silly is that (in light of all the world horrors right now)?

Well, anyway, I've passed on the "formal" directory picture for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that the last one I had taken is so freakishly bad, that I vowed never to let a church photog anywhere near me again. Fortunately, we have a section in the directory for self-submittals for folks who can't get around to having the formal picture done. So the other evening Kate's feller came over and took a stream of digitals of Kate and me. Kate, of course, is absolutely perfect in every one. And I, of course, am freakishly weird in every one.

So what to do? Go ahead and submit the least freakishly weird pic of me (really hard decision)? Submit a single pic of Kate (someone needs to represent, after all)? Or just say screw it - look us up in real life? Such a stupid phobia, so ego-centric, but it has me stressed right now. Aaargh!

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