Friday, September 02, 2005

It's been an ugly week. Let's kiss it g'bye.

Finally. Help arriving. Such a massive undertaking, and as I've said before - even in the middle of my angry rants - law enforcement, first responders, doctors, nurses have shown Herculean strength and fortitude. Hearing their stories and watching them weep should say it all. They'll have some truth-tellin' to do when all this is over, I'm sure, as will the National Guard and some of the newscasters who've been in the thick of things.

I hope everyone that has been stranded in New Orleans has a clean, dry, safe place to sleep tonight. I've made my donations, and I've said (and will continue to say) my prayers. It's been a fateful, frightening week - let's move forward.

As for me, I'm taking two 13-year-old boys to Dragon*Con tomorrow - oh, my goodness. (And I'm not really much of a sci-fi fan.) Will send along pics if I get some interesting ones.

Now. Pour me a double.


Nikky Egland said...

We are having a fundraiser here the 17th of September for hurricane vics, we hope it does well

MaryB said...

Great, Nikky! Let me know how it goest -