Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Daily "Duh!"

Can this stuff even rate as "news"? The headlines say it all:

"Women More Likely To Wash Hands," courtesy of CBS News.

"A Few Cigarettes A Day Deadly," from BBC.

"For Asthma Sufferers, There's Trouble In The Dust." Thanks New York Times!

"Men and Women Come From Same Planet After All, Claims Psychology Study." The Guardian didn't need to tell us that. We all come from the planet Turquoisia, right?

And from CNN: "Study: Fast Food Clusters Near Schools."

Soon-to-be-headlines will include: "Breathing and Beating Heart Vital For Living," "Fire, Too Much Heat Cause Burns," and "Study Finds that Bears, Indeed, Shit In Woods." Sheesh!

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