Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Penguins and silly names

Uh-oh. Seems that cute little film "The March of the Penquins" has become the darling of conservative groups, according to the New York Times. It is seen as a champion for monogamy, anti-abortion, and anti-evolution, which leaves me wondering if I saw the same movie. Yeah, these marathon-walking tuxedo-wearers are monogamous, but only for one season - then they kiss the spouse good-bye and move on to someone else's cutie-pie the next time they mate. Anti-abortion? They lay eggs - um, so I don't know where to go with that one. And I totally missed the anti-evolution message. Guess I need to see it again.

On another matter, aren't you just constantly amazed at the silly names celebrities slap on their kids. I don't really care - and it does keep me entertained in some minor, perverse way - but it seems that goofy names are nothing new (and not just for the stars). The Times of London reports on some uber-whacky names from the past. I'll get you started: Fozzitt Bonds, Obedience Ginger, and the ever-popular Freke Dorothy Fluck Lane. OK, but Fifi Trixibelle is still pretty stupid.

The positive news is that those monogamous penguins don't give their chicks outrageous names. No, they end up abandoning them on the shore as Mom and Dad head out to sea. Not a Bobo Apple Knucklehead among them.


Isabella K said...

That's it -- I'm rounding up all the penguins in the house. If any of them voted for Bush, they are so out of here.

MaryB said...

Yup, but I'm still bettin' the penguins (and the film's makers) are scratching their heads over the rationalizations of that one.