Saturday, September 24, 2005

Make 50,000 famous British friends this weekend (and find a great purse!)

For two days only - September 23-25 - you can access the brand-spankin' new Oxford Dictionary of National Biography database FREE. That's a savings of £7,500! How can you pass this up? You do have to register online, but that's painless inconvenience for the opportunity to play with this monumental work. And the fun you can have with the search feature - names, date filters, quirky words that pop up in the middle of text. Read more about this incredible work here. (Hope you don't have any plans for the weekend!)

Now, if you decide to buy the ODNB for your own self, you'll need to carry all that money to the store in something. I discovered a book-lovin' lady's dream purse (thanks to Boing-Boing) - a purse made out of old hardback books. According to clever Caitlin at Rebound Designs, who makes her "Book Bags" out of actual book bindings:

You've probably seen cigar box purses, or purses made from other recycled items like juice boxes or duct tape. Recycled crafts are my passion, and I'm a huge bookworm, so it was a natural progression. My favorite thing about these purses is that instead of promoting smoking or junk food, I'm promoting literacy!

Check out her library of purses here.

Off to the muffler shop, my little Saturday slugs. Who knows what sort of rants I'll have to share with you when I return?

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