Monday, September 19, 2005

A couple of Girl Scout leaders and a PTA president could organize the world

Forget FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. Politicians? CEO's? Think-tank blow-hards? They don't know poo about herding cats, stacking greasy BB's or organizing disaster relief. But give me a handful of Girl Scout troop leaders, a few PTA presidents, and a cadre of homeroom mothers and I promise you - we'd've had this relief-thing running tickety-boo in no time.

Think about it. These women organize some of the most complex fund-raisers, camping trips, school carnivals, pancake suppers, and cookie sales the world has ever seen. Most of the planning and implementation they do hands-on, but what they can't (or won't) do themselves is handed off to another can-do person who can do.

I guarantee each of these women has a battered address book with notes written in the columns, chock full of business cards and slips of paper with vital contact information. They know who to call and can move mountains in a matter of minutes. They may not have personally rescued folks from flood-ravaged rooftops, but they sure as hell would've known the phone number of a team of people who could've done - and fast.

And you know what? I bet bottled water, hot casseroles, disposable diapers, toilet paper, and wet wipes would've gotten to Katrina victims within hours of the levee breaches if some of the room mothers I've known were in charge.

Please. Before the next disaster strikes, put together a database of these kick-ass heaven-and-earth movers. Sorry, fellas, when things need to get done fast and right, call the Girl Scouts.

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