Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Best in Show vs. Best in Da' House

The colored bull terrier won "Best in Show" at Westminster last night. Sigh. Always a terrier. I was pulling for the golden retriever (as was the crowd), but the judges will never give a retriever the top prize. Too popular, I guess. Anyway. Here's a shot of Rufus, the Top Dog, as it were.

That's all well and good in Madison Square Garden, but here's a shot of the Brennan Kennel Club's "Best in Da' House," Bailey.

You tell me. Rufus or Bailey? Eat your heart out, Westminster!


Liz Hinds said...

Bailey without a doubt.

MaryB said...

Aw, thanks Liz. Bet Harvs is Best in Yo' House!

Anonymous said...

I was pretty impressed we at least had a year without a bichon or a PBGB or a poodle in the best in show competition. Of course a beagle came in 3rd in the hound group. One of the beagles ALWAYS comes in third, but it's one of those breeds they will never ever allow to win on account if their being too common (and let's face it, not a little bit smelly).

MaryB said...

Yep - the beagles are like the retrievers - no respect. I'm glad that little beagle placed in its group, though. Love those hounds!

I'm kinda mulling over adding a beagle to the household, though I'm told they're very noisy and uncooperative. They do look pretty easy to wash, though - if they're smelly (unlike big fluffy Bailey). Still. Awwww.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda mulling over adding a beagle to the household


MaryB said...

Thanks for the link! Very helpful. Daughter Kate has mentioned Beagle rescue to me before. As I said, I'm mulling!