Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog vs. Groundhog

Well, Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of winter, according to the website (For some reason the site won't link, so you'll have to venture there without my help.)

Of course, we in the South ain't gonna take the word of no stinkin' Yankee critter, so we have our own seasonal prognosticator, Gen. Beauregard Lee (you knew he'd have a name like that, didn't you?). Gen. Lee says spring is just around the corner.

I say bring 'em out for a death-match. May the best woodchuck win.

As for Groundhog Day, it has to rank among the top 3 whacky annual celebrations ever dreamed up by a bunch of very savvy, very bored people. Since 1886, we Americans have gone "hog-wild" (sorry, couldn't resist) because some rodent pokes his head out of the ground. Obviously, today's marketers have a lot to learn from the Gilded Age.

As for the Groundhog Death Match, I'm puttin' my money on Gen. Lee. He'd open up a can of whup-ass on Punxsatawney Phil, I'm bettin'.


Anonymous said...

You know that PP is wrong saying we'll have 6 MORE weeks of winter. We ain't had none yet...

I'm with you on the competition. I lived in Pittsburgh (if'n you call that livin') for 15 years. It is just up the road a piece from where Punxsutawney Phil calls home. Anything with a name like that should not even be allowed out in public...

petercmoore said...

Punk's A Tawney Phil is REAL?!?

I thought it was something dreamt up for the film...

When I watched 'Groundhog Day' I thought: "Blimey! There's a ridiculous, entirely fictional tradition, if ever I saw one, guv'nor."

But it's real!

I guess there are some states where they just don't get out much in winter. Come February and they've gone stir-crazy.

[Stir-Crazy - better or worse than Groundhog Day? Bill Murray vs. Gene Wilder in a battle royale.]

MaryB said...

A dilemma Pete. I would choose Wilder over Murray, but Groundhog Day over Stir-Crazy. Now, if you'd've said Groundhog Day vs. Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sex (Wilder falls in love with a sheep, ends up drinking Woolite, etc.), no contest, man.

Yes. Groundhog Day and Punx Phil are real.

Unknown said...

As regards the "top 3 whacky annual celebrations ever dreamed up" - not far from here we have the World Hen Racing Championship and not far from there the World Toe Wrestling Champoinship.

None of these have made it to the Big Screen ... yet.