Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Oy! What a fetish!"

That's the name of designer/artist Robert Tabor's exhibition at midtown Atlanta's Red Showroom. It's all about the shoes, my friend. The Red, a furniture design gallery, is located down the street from where I work, so I must pull on my pumps and trot down to get a first hand look. I'll report back, my little stilettos.


Christa said...

Does that mean that I would have to take my shoes to the hairdresser if I got the first pair? LOL
Neat looking shoes. Not sure if I would want to use the "rollerskate" version though...hehe Highheels is usually enough to break a leg or two ;)

Chris said...

Oh - yes please - I loooove shoes!
The pink ones with stars and tulle are my favourite and I swear I once owned some that were just as uncomfortable as they look but equally as groovy.

chux said...

hmmm.....not sure if i'm qualified to comment on this one. I can safely say that my daughter would LOVE the pink ones all very princessey!!! I seriously hope this designer guy doesn't wear these himself too. He might need therapy but if i saw him i'd definately be needing it! 8-)

btw - funny enough delmonti tried that recipe last night and loved it! I've asked him to comment and give it a fart rating too!