Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Blog-Trippin'

You can't hang out at Shorty PJs 24/7, so I want to steer you to some other blogs that might catch yo' fancy.

Pete, impresario of the Ottershaw Players, has just returned from a quickie trip to Warsaw and has posted great pictures of the city on Flickr. Go see 'em - they be go'geous! (And next time you're in Ottershaw, Surrey, go to the theatre and cause a general ruckus on PT's behalf!)

Another Peter - this time a West Coast one - has begun telling a saga of a cross-country, "hazy" sorta' road trip in 1970, complete with the FBI hot in pursuit. Help me make him spill da' beans about the rest of the story! In the summertime, when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky . . . I feel sorry for those of you who hadn't come of age by the summer of 1970. Whoo-ee!

Need a good laugh? Get thee to Overheard in New York. Hilarious stuff, and updated throughout the day, every day.

Get out of the office and take a walk in Derbyshire - virtually-speaking, of course. Charlie Wildgoose'll guide you and show some lovely pics, to boot. Ah, I'm feeling more refreshed already!

Hooking up with old friends is one of life's pleasures. Check out Turner-bud JC Burns' (who I re-found when I googled WTCG and found his website with pictures from my TV past) Positively Atlanta Georgia site. I especially like the part where he says I'm one of the best writers he knows. And his wife Sammy, an archeologist-extraordinaire, puts her talents to work at Archaeofacts. Go learn something fun!

Now - off you go to Warsaw, 1970, New York City, Derbyshire, Atlanta, and Mesoamerica. And put on a little Andrews Sisters' music as you travel. Scoot!


Anonymous said...

You can't hang out at Shorty PJs 24/7

Don't be silly. Of course I can.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug Mary ..... much appreciated.

petercmoore said...

More thanks for plugs coming in from across the pond here in Surrey.

Maybe I should point out that I'm not really an impressario of any sort. But it's such a great title that I'm going to keep schtum.

And thanks for pointing out "Overheard in New York". That's a great site and has been added to my Bloglines account already.

chux said...

ahem!! cough cough !! 8-)