Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Creative Sahara

I've been asked to be brilliantly snappy on several fronts, but I keep coming up dry. Clever titles, clever announcement blurbs, clever song parodies - all the smart-ass things I'm usually good at, and I'm clueless. It's really putting a crimp in my style, I tell you. Oh silly, smarty-pants Muse! Where are you?

Any idea-shaking suggestions out there? Besides heavy drinking, I mean.

(And isn't this postcard a mixed metaphor, hm? I guess once these folks finish being lost at sea, they go on to be lost in the desert. Quite a hapless bunch. )


Christa said...

Well...that's no fun. I guess sometimes we all dry up and instead of being a smartass we turn into a dry version of ourselves. I'm sure it'll come back...it's not usually that easy to get rid of your own personality, ya know ;)

If you'd like to you could be one of my GhostBloggers. That might give you a new fresh beginning?
Let me know :)

Unknown said...

If I can't come up with something I forget all about it and go away and do something different. Then something usually just pops into my head - just like that.

Johnno said...

Yep, I've been going through that a bit lately...... I'm not sure what else I can say :-)