Monday, February 06, 2006

The Curse of the Creeping Crud

Seems I'm the last one standing - er, sitting - in the office since a mysterious flu-bug swept through the building the end of last week. Am I on borrowed time?

It started Thursday with various and sundry folks complaining of chills, fever, and the like. Friday, things got progressively worse. Today, everyone has staggered in looking much worse for wear and with the same story. Chills, very high fever, cough, sore throat - and it hits very fast and hard. Someone suggested that I just bind a pillow to my head, as I'm likely to drop at a moment's notice and without warning.

So here I sit. In the middle of Pandemic Central. Just waiting for the first throat tickle. Anyone got a Biosafety Level 4 suit on 'em? I feel like I'm working in a test lab for a weird, hard-hitting flu strain.

Had chicken soup for lunch and as always am drinking endless cups of tea. Any other suggestions (besides going home - not an option)?


Christa said...

Ewww...well, add some honey and lemon in that tea. Both are good for you even if you don't have any symptoms of that cold or flu yet.

Other than that...wash hands, no handshakes and ask them all to breathe in another direction ;)

Hope you'll be okiday :D

MaryB said...

I already feel like Lady Macbeth, with the constant hand-washing. Even then, it's hard not to touch something that another person hasn't touched before I make it to the sink for a lather-up. Ah, the joys of communal living.

Anonymous said...

12 oz. water glass. 4 oz. grapefruit juice and 4 oz. vodka. Heavy dash or 2 of salt. Stir thoroughly. Fill with cracked ice. Drink. Repeat as necessary. It may not prevent or cure the crud, but after a while you really don't give a rats-rear-end. :-)

MaryB said...

Took your advice, Winston, even though I feel fine. OK, substituted gin for the vodka - I'm a grown-up, after all. ;-) Now off to bed by 8:30. (Preventative, doncha' know.) MMmmmmmm.