Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Pizza Dilemma

I'm not all that keen on pizza. I don't hate it, but if I have to waste Italian calories, I'd rather do it with a glob of pasta or luscious cannoli. But, see, I live in The Pizza Capital of the World right now (don't gimme any lip, Chicago!), so I feel some kind of obligation to nip in to one of the 42,000 pizza dives here in New York once in a while.

But the whole thing just confuses me. I've finally figured out the difference between regular and Sicilian, and that to eat a slice of "regular," you fold it lengthwise and go at it. But the varieties and toppings are overwhelming. Neapolitan, Margherita, rustica, romana, and plain ol' cheese. And which "Ray's" is the original, famous one? Just too much pressure at lunchtime! Plus, as I said, I'm not that keen on the stuff.

Still, it's filling and cheap, so I just need to get over it. I'll never be a real New Yorker until I become a pizza connoisseur.


Elsie said...

Lots of pizza around here, too. Some of it's awful. Some just so-so. Some absolutely fabulous. You've got to keep trying, and surely you'll find the one for you. Suggest you try a white pizza -- no red sauce (or gravy as it's called here), just olive oil, garlic, cheese, and spices. Mmmmm mmmmmm. Even people who don't really like pizza usually like a white one.

MaryB said...

And this from my Big Bro:

"Do you remember your first pizza? Dear Mother was always trying to be inventive at meal time. Close your eyes and put yourself back in the late 50's... The "Chef" had just come out with his "Pizza in a Box"... Make the dough. Let it rise. Can of sauce. Can of Cheese (now that's just wrong!)... Well, that's a start... Now Mother's culinary skills take over when she places all ingredients in a Pyrex casserole dish (I still say she invented the "Deep Dish Pizza).
Now, is it any wonder you question your taste in pizza?

Try this one... Pizza dough, fettuccini sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese.

Bon Appetite!


Em said...

I love pizza but I'm a very plain guy. Give me pizza with just lots of pepperoni and maybe a few mushrooms and I'm all set!

jomoore said...

I like to embellish my pepperoni with pineapple. I'm sure that pizza purists wouldn't like it, but it makes me happy...

I've recently taken to adding anchovies too - I tried it once, just because I had an anchovy urge, but now I do it just to see the look on the waitperson's face.

Pepperoni and anchovy - a classic-in-waiting!

But really, less is more with good pizza.

chux said...

hmm i think skipping on pizza isnt a bad thing Mary. They just throw on the pounds. We arn't big fans in my household, its something we have when we run out of all other options. They just arnt the festival of joy that is often professed.

Saying that, we have a handful of competing pizza joints in Bexhill and I must say i've found one that i'd happily use from time to time - the thickest deepest toppings ! It has to be a meatfeast with jalepenos and spicy sausage for me . If i'm eating pizza it needs to have a bite!

BTW you definately have a thing for 'I Love Lucy' dont ya!

MaryB said...

Thanks for all the pizza tips, friends. White, plain, pepp/mush - such a variety!

Yeah, Bro, I'm sure those early do-it-yourself Chef Boy-ar-Dee pizzas went a long way to putting a nail in the pizza-coffin for me.

chux, I use lots of I Love Lucy photos because there are just so many iconic appropos moments from the show. If I could find post-suitable pics from Dick Van Dyke Show or Mary Tyler Moore or Laugh-In, I'd use them. There are just too many great Lucy photos, though!

Anonymous said...

Wow "Chef Boyardee"... That brings back another fun memory... Did we have the same southern momma?

I also remember that cool new place "Pizza Hut" (washed down with Tab of course)... Thank goodness I ended up in NYC!!!

MaryB said...

stitches - where are you? We must get together over a glass of iced tea sometime!

Anonymous said...

Definitely, sounds fun... Lisa D (works with you and told me about your site) knows me... I keep telling her that Southern and Italian are really just alike, at least according to Frances Mayes!!!

MaryB said...

stitches - oh! you're Lisa's friend! She's told me about you. Yes, we must find a way to meet. Can't wait!