Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Living on Pacific Time

I always feel kinda lost and out of touch when I'm on the West Coast. Time-freak, news-junkie that I be, the thought of having to put up with a 3-hour delay from the happenin' news-generating epicenters of New York and Washington DC (not to mention, Atlanta, GA!), just unnerves me.

Yeah, I know news happens in the Pacific Time Zone. Like all the Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan stuff. Or another live-from-the-news-chopper car chase through some seedy part of Los Angeles. But, c'mon, let's face it. Real news is an East Coast thing. (I know I'll get indignant outcries from Peter the Other, not to mention my own sister and my sixth grade teacher. Never mind - I stand my ground, people.)

So whenever I'm here, I know that I'm 3 hours behind real life. Aaargh! I mean, the 6:30pm national news is a joke in Schwartzenfornia, right? Why bother? The East Coast saw that stuff 3 hours ago. Yup, that very same telecast. Three hours ago. Ca-ray-zy, man!

I fit much better in the wound-too-tight, grey flannel suit, busy-as-Grand-Central-Station East Coast world. You know New York. The place where news happens. When it's supposed to. Eastern Time.

And New York had a big power outage today! Shoot! The entire Lex Ave line (the 4, 5, and 6, baby - my own personal subway) was down for a whole chunk of the day. Man, I miss all the fun.

OK. Must. Chill. Out. I'm in California, after all.


Em said...

Yes you are soooo far behind. I'm writing this now. But when you read old will it really be? I might not even be a blogger by then! LOL

MaryB said...

See, em? That's exactly what I'm sayin'! We may all be dead by the time I read your words on the west coast! ;-)

I'm doing a little computer work in my hotel room right now with the CBS Early Show running in the background. It's 11:49 in NYC - this thang ain't live, if you get my drift. All those folks waving to the camera happened 'way back when. Just weird.

Peter (the other) said...

As some one just returned from SIX hours ahead of the East coast, I find your sense of news importance... mmm... not worth mentioning. Why when your 6:30 news hits, it has already long come and gone in Paris. Psshaw! As for the west coast, we are closer to the truth that Hawaii knows so well, the only news worth catching is where are the waves breakin'.
(cue "Wipe Out" by The Safaris)

Anonymous said...

All of you have it wrong... For more reasons than I can explore here, CST (or CDT now) is the coolest time to be. I've lived and traveled to many other time zones, and it always gelled best for me when sliding back into "Gawd's time", as the natives call it.

Chicago: Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

MaryB said...

PtO - Except that no news really happens in Paris. ;-) But I do salute the REAL time zone, Greenwich 0, because real news does come out of London. :-O Kawabonga, indeed. (That's why all your news is about Paris Hilton . . . )

And Winston, yes, I know you Central folks think you're on God's time. I have a colleague from Chicago that reminds me of that all the time. But remember, that's why Chicago's called The SECOND City. Now, go back to sleep.