Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't mention it.

Deciding on just the right blog-post topic is a tricky business. Why I choose one thing over another, well, I'm not quite sure. But here are a few things that flitted into my head - then right out again - for blog-topics over the past couple of days. Consider yourself spared:
  • I dreamed about the Eiffel Tower two nights in a row over the weekend. All this talk about "Paris" is manifesting itself in odd ways.
  • The logo for the 2012 Olympic Games in London? Oh. Dear. Ever since I read that comment about it looking like Lisa Simpson doing, um . . . never mind.
  • Battle of the Tonys (Soprano vs. Broadway awards) - guess which one I watched?
  • Day trip to Staten Island. Hm. Let's see. Oh. The ferry trip over and back was nice.
  • Last weekend's Puerto Rican street fair. I skipped the Ricky Martin parade, by the way.
Saved us both some time, eh?


Elsie said...

Paris, France -- good. Hilton -- not so much. London games logo -- will reserve judgment until I see for myself. Tonys -- best guess says you watched Broadway (red herring?). Staten Island Ferry -- that's all you're going to say (or was that your take on Staten Island itself?). PR street fair -- c'mon. There's got to be something there, Mary,

Anonymous said...

Awww... c'mon Shorty. I'm just dying to know more about you missing the Ricky Martin parade. You might even be able to stretch that one into a 3-part serial blog. I am simply wild with anticipation...

Em said...

Yeah...I've had similar fleeting thoughts and felt it was my duty to just not do it. LOL I like your way better...a quick summary and then move along.

Anonymous said...

No, not the Staten Island trip. Anything but that!?!?!

jomoore said...

Great post about the posts that never were, Mary.

I have bought myself a beautiful little notebook (stationery fetishist that I am) which I am determined to use to make notes of the fascinating blog topics that pop into my head at inopportune, computer-absent moments.

What's in there so far? Nothing. The road to blogdom is paved with good intentions...!

jomoore said...

P.S. Did I read you right? Ricky Martin parade?? You should be living la vida loca and telling us all about it!!

MaryB said...

elsie - no red herring. Broadway it was. (Best awards show, always.) And, yeah, food at the PR street fest, but nothing I don't see in the 'hood everyday.

winston and jo - just couldn't rouse myself to fight the million or so people lining 5th Ave to see Ricky Martin.

em - yeah, it's pretty pathetic of me to blog about what I'm not blogging about!

rhea - trust me. The ferry ride was the best part. What a dull post it woulda been!

Liz Hinds said...

Oh that logo. It was fine until that Lisa Simpson comment; now it's impossible to look at.