Friday, June 22, 2007

Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee . . .

OK, not really. I was born in the valley town of Chattanooga, but I have been at a conference on Monteagle for the past few days. No wireless internet, needless to say. Aargh.

Finishing up here and will be picked up by good friend Susan on her way from Franklin to Chattanooga for our annual girlfriends' weekend. Or as Kate calls it "The Old Ladies Slumber Party."

I'll try to post over the next couple of days. Try to stay out of trouble until I return, hm?


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I could have sworn that you were born on a hospital floor in downtown Atlanta. It could have been the top floor, however.

Cousin Billy gave me this site. Nice job. Perhaps one day Kittie and I can visit you in the Big Apple. Take care, and see you at the Christmas Party!

Cousin Steve.

MaryB said...

Nope, Cousin Steve. Cindy and I were both born in Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga. Hope you won't think less of me for that! (And Mother would've NEVER had me on a hospital floor - she was too civilized for that - ;-O )

Come on up! Would love to have you and Kittie visit. But at the very least - see you at the Christmas Party!

Love back at ya -

Anonymous said...

OK, ok. But I think that Billy and David were born in Atlanta? Or maybe I'm in the Twilight Zone? Don't answer that!

Billy and I were talking at the gathering at Bobby's on Saturday. Many topics came up, including ya'lls next door neighbors in Chattanooga. Poor Marsha and that awful name you used to call her. Marsha, where are you?


MaryB said...

Yes, Atlanta can rightfully claim Billy and David, though one was born at Crawford Long and one was born at Georgia Baptist (I think). With just a touch of Twilight Zone thrown in, of course.

Ah, yes. Mar-cia. We called her Marsha but Ruby always said "Mar-cia." I think Cindy knows where Marcia is, actually. Hm.