Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sparkly stuff for a Tuesday morning

I've been doing math all morning, so the day isn't very sparkly for me. But here are some things that give me hope and/or fond memories (and no math involved):
  • Got a few frequent-flyer miles (or a BritRail pass) and some comp time comin' to ya'? Here's a fantasy book-lover's getaway for you: Cheltenham Literature Festival Friday, October 7 through Sunday, October 16.
  • The Odd Couple with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick starts its previews tonight (official opening is October 27). Well. Wish I could be there - saw them in The Producers. Catch 'em if ya' can.
  • A compilation of all ten years' worth of the great Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is ready for your enjoyment.
  • And one sad-sparkly thing. British comedican Ronnie Barker has died, according the The Guardian. Barker with Ronnie Corbett were just hilarious as the Two Ronnies. Saw them at the Palladium in 1977 - so memorable! Wish BBC America would shelve Benny Hill for a while and air the Two Ronnies for a while.

OK - that's all I have time for right now. Enjoy the Dame Edna mod-photo, while I get back to these math problem things. Looking forward to a little gin-and-tonic when I get home tonight - something to work toward . . .

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