Monday, October 24, 2005

And the ladies . . .

Yesterday, classic spooky men. Today, the scary dames. Problem is, though, I couldn't come up with many super-bonafide horror leading ladies, so you'll have to help me with this one. The three that come to mind only did true horror films late in their careers.

I'm not sure what that means. Sexism? Once women reach a certain age (at least in the past) they can only play monsters? Or, had they finally reached the stage - after very successful screen careers - where they were free to play horror? Well, that's a thesis for someone besides PJs.

At any rate, here are my scary ladies of the silver screen:

Supa-stah Bette Davis. She certainly played scary women throughout her career, but most of them were scary in a kick-ass way, not a Baby Jane way. I love her young, I love her old. She just chewed up the scenery and spit it back at 'ya. My personal horror fav, as you well know, is Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, but I can take a dose of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or The Nanny (and not the Fran Drescher kind, either) anytime. Bette, I hope you're still kickin' ass wherever you are!

The other supa-stah and Davis' bitter rival, Joan Crawford. Now, she is just scary anyway you look at her. And she was the sweet one in Baby Jane. She gives me nightmares even when she's not in a horror film. Strait Jacket, Berserk!, and her appearance on Night Gallery add to her creep factor.

Not so supa-stah (except on Bewitched) Agnes Moorehead. Another alum of Sweet Charlotte. And did you catch her in The Bat or the string of scary made-for-TV movies late in her career? Of course Endora wasn't scary (unless you're Darren Stevens), but Aggie could be a real fright when she put her mind to it.

OK - I need more. Help me out.

Now it's out to dinner in 'Couver-ville.

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