Monday, October 10, 2005

Breathing between the lines

So I'm having this dream last night where I was trapped between the lines of my writing. (Imagine my writing as a big Monty Python foot.) I was literally squeezed into the middle of the sentences. I kept saying to myself, "OK, just move on to another section and you'll be able to breathe." But the more I moved the harder it was to catch a breath. When I woke up I was lying on my back, which was a big part of the breathing problem, I'm sure, since I never sleep on my back. But I still found the dream (which needs no interpretation - it's pretty damn obvious what was going on there) really disconcerting. The funny thing is that I spent Saturday afternoon writing, and I feel good about what I churned out, so the dream just came at a funny time in the process. Hmmm.

A little Monday morning reminder that the folks caught in the Katrina/Rita disasters will need our help for a long, long time. Grace and crew at Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief! are still matching grassroots (if there's any grass left), on-the-ground needs with willing souls in the great WWW. There are so many ways to help. These women have done an amazing job of linking real goods and services with real folks in need (nothing stored in warehouses or traveling around and around the country in a truck).

Happy Monday morning!

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