Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes, the Winter Storms Began

Well, the gates to the Conservatory Garden were locked, but I think it's safe to say that it doesn't look much like it did last weekend. What an odd storm.


Joy Des Jardins said...

What an odd storm is right Mary. These pics look like it should be December or January. All of you guys got wholloped...and my daughter in NJ got hit too. She's lucky again because she didn't lose electricity or anything...but many of her neighbors did. I don't know about NY, but NJ is under a state of emergency....good grief. I wonder how the 'trick or treaters' are going to navigate through this stuff. Hope you've got a LOT of movies to watch sweetie...big warm hugs.... ~Joy

MaryB said...

I hear most of the NYC parks were closed - obviously after my Central Park stroll - due to falling branches. NYC got it worse than we were expecting. I know NJ and CT really got whalloped. glad your daughter didn't lose electricity! Today - bright, sunny, cold. Go figyah.