Saturday, October 29, 2011

E're the Winter Storms Begin

A Nor'easter's due to blow through sometime this evening. Before we're lashed with wind, rain, and snow, I thought I'd show you what Central Park's Conservatory Garden looked like last weekend. The flowers were gorgeous. Not sure they'll make it through this weekend's weather, though.  Enjoy!


Joy Des Jardins said... storms, no snow. Your pictures of Central Park are so gorgeous....those flowers need more time before any SNOW covers their beauty. NOOOOOOOOO, we're not ready for snow. Stay warm Mary... ~Joy

MaryB said...

Joy, my weekend plans involve staying inside and watching old movies. I do hope the flowers make it through whatever's coming our way. I expect NYC to get rain, not snow. We'll see.

Liz Hinds said...

What an amazing change in the weather. it looked so pretty - I was going before but actually it looked really pretty under both lots of conditions.

MaryB said...

Liz, all seasons are beautiful. It was such a striking difference between one weekend and the next!