Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Lady of Los Bravos

In honor of Tuesday's All-Star Game (that's baseball, if you're wondering) being played here in New York, mini-Statues of Liberty painted in team colors/logos dot the city. As a true-blue Atlanta Braves fan, I searched online to find our statue. The Braves have pride of place on the waterfront outside the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan.

Beautiful day that it was, I sauntered down to pay homage to Our Lady of Los Bravos. Ain't she lovely? Go Braves!


Elsie said...

At least you're not a Yankees fan. Go Red Sox!

chux said...

I use to have a Braves cap, it was gift but I remained loyal through the years. BUT that will change in September when I'm seeing the Padres, they have a derby game against the Dodgers. Go Padres GO!!!

MaryB said...

elsie - you'll be glad to know that Groom is a huge Red Sox fan. The groom's cake will be in the shape of - wait for it - a Red Sox jersey! Don't know what the Braves fans will think, but there ya' go.

chux - aw, dude! What'll it take to win you away from the Padres, for goodness' sake?

Elsie said...

Groom proves once again that he's got great taste!

chux said...

I must be a genuine fan of the Padres, as i'm supporting them this year even though they are having a bad season.

Obviously they are waiting on my arrival before they have the final surge to win. You see they just needed there new mascot i.e me to help them. :)