Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It was a wonderful evening . . .

Things have been hoppin' the past few days, what with working my way down to Canterbury and getting used to my duties here at the Lambeth Conference. Also, I'm a bit bummed that for some weird reason, I can't upload photos to my computer, so I'm having to put them on a friend's computer and email them to myself. Aaargh!

Anyway, let's catch up, shall we? When last I posted I was on my way down to Weybridge to have dinner with Joanne and Chris (and David and Thomas). The good news is that I made it, was graciously met at the train station by Chris, and escorted to her home for tea and talk before going for a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

The food was grand and the company grander. We never ran out of things to say, noting several times how this whole blogging thing had lead to relationships that would've never happened otherwise. Alas, Pete couldn't join us, and we just missed Chux (next time?). And we did our best to embarrass young Thomas (nearly succeeding several times, I suspect!), but he put on a good game-face and suffered through.

I rolled out of Weybridge station at 11:43pm (er, 23:43), and then the adventure started.

Stay tuned.


jomoore said...

Oh no! I was plagued (too late to be helpful) with the thoughts that I should have given you a lift up to London after all! Did you have a nightmare? :/

Elsie said...

Sounds like a great time! Of course now I'm curious about what happened at the midnight hour. I will definitely stay tuned -- can't wait!

Liz Hinds said...

Eagerly waiting the next instalment!

By the way, mary, you have an award over at my place but I expect you'll have to wait till you get back home to pick it up.

chux said...

It was a shame! I had to drink your pint of Ale. If I had been on one of my solo trips I'd have been able to stay in the evening to see you. As it was my family were with me and we had major plans on. I do hope I can meet next time.

It will be most interesting and exciting as it may surprise you to know that I have never met Jo although we comment on each others blog. I use to work with Pete though, and I have only met Chris very briefly.

It was very kind of Jo to invite me to your evening outing to the Chinese in Weybridge, I like Chinese food! :)