Friday, July 11, 2008

Manhattanhenge 2008

What? Never heard of Manhattanhenge? Well, a couple of times a year the sun perfectly aligns with Manhattan's east-west street grid, since the Comissioners' Plan of 1811 laid out the streets on a grid offset 28.9 degrees from true east-west. For the next two days Mr. Sun sinks into the west bouncing amber-colored beams off the glorious buildings on the Isle de Noo Yawk.

Having been a slug all day (see previous post), I roused myself up and elbowed a spot on the bridge crossing 42nd Street at Tudor City and the UN. I had company; about 200 other folks wanted a view, too.This is my first chance to see the sunset version (it happens at sunrise in December/January) since moving here. Glad I made the effort.

My camera just couldn't capture the spectacularness of the big orange sun sinking below the west side horizon. You'll have to take my word for it. It was lovely. You can see the Chrysler Building on the right in one of the shots. Maybe I'll have a better camera next time. Or maybe I'll just watch and leave the camera work to someone else.

It happens again tomorrow night. Get on up here so you can see it!

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