Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not-So-Fat Tuesday

Goodness! How many big events can converge on one puny little Tuesday? Super Tuesday. Super Bowl Tuesday - as in, big triumphant confetti parade for the New York Giants through the streets of our fair city. And Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras.

Not enough for you? Other reasons to celebrate February 5:

  • Birthday girls and boys include Hank Aaron (Go, Braves!), Charlotte Rampling, Christopher Guest, Laura Linney. And the dead ones: Adlai Stevenson, William S. Burroughs, Belle Starr, Ralph McGill.
  • Verdi's "Otello" premiered at La Scala (1887).
  • Phoenix, Arizona, was incorporated (1881).
  • Pittsburgh Steelers won its fifth Super Bowl (2006).
As for me? Not-so-fat Tuesday. I've lost another 1.8 pounds, which brings me to a whopping 6.2 lbs. lost over the past two weeks. I even got a special star today for crossing the 5 lb mark. Still, the thought of a plateful of Shrove Tuesday pancakes is making my mouth water.

So, if you don't like any of the "Tuesday" choices today, take heart. It's almost Wednesday.


jomoore said...

Yay! Well done, Mary. I hope you enjoyed your pancakes!

You don't have 'stones' (14lbs) do you? It's all just pounds. We have to wait another 2lbs before we get a sticker - each half stone is our big milestone! ;o)

MaryB said...

I was a good girl, Jo. Didn't have any pancakes yesterday. Sigh. No, we don't have "stones" here, so out goals are easier to reach! (I'm still waiting for that picture - )

jomoore said...

I promise I'm thinking about a picture. My natural instinct is to hide from cameras, so you'll have to bear with me... :)

MaryB said...

I'll wait -