Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Heart New York

After a long workweek, I decided to pamper myself a little and spring for a good haircut. It’s hard to beat a fabulous haircut if you’re looking for a real feel-good experience (with finding a great-fitting pair of jeans coming in a close second). Anyway, a little place called Alice Hair Care on 2nd Avenue between 69th and 70th came highly recommended, so I thought I’d give it a try.

My appointment was for 7pm, and as I was in my pampering mood, I left work around 5:30, took the subway to 68th/Hunter College, and searched out a place for a little drinkie and a meal. I chose Cinema Cafe, directly across from Alice. I wanted to relax and do a little pre-haircut indulging over a lovely prix fixe dinner.

My table faced 2nd Avenue, allowing me to people-watch as the city darkened and its lights brightened. Yellow taxis and black limos glided toward Midtown or Lower Manhattan. Couples, singletons, small knots of friends or co-workers, some talking, some in silence, rushed to and fro heading home, heading out, or just heading in circles. Ah! Dinner and a show!

I had an attentive waitress, a stiff Tangueray and tonic, two full litres of ice-cold water, a bowl of perfectly-salted, warm edemame, a lovely whole-wheat ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms, and the lightest-of-light puff pastry with raspberries. Oh, and a smooth, warming glass of house red. Everything except the G&T was part of the $29.95 meal-deal. A relatively inexpensive bit of pampering for dinner and a show, don’t you think?

As I sat there in my front row seat at the most glorious show on earth, Manhattan on a Friday evening, one thought kept running through my mind:. I love New York. I love New York. I love New York!

I finished my luscious and leisurely meal with five minutes to spare to cross the street for my hair appointment. The small shop was still hoppin’ at 7pm on a Friday night. Here’s what I noticed right off the bat: lots of energy, laughter, and all the stylists had great hair. There’s a real Alice, by the way - a young, pretty Irishwoman. My stylist, Caroline, is Irish, as well (I think all the stylists are). And she’s fabulous! Boy, she knew just what to do – lots of long layers that fall just the right way. And the price? Less than I pay at Carter-Barnes in Atlanta. Yes, I’ve found my New York hair-cuttin’ home!

And walking down 2nd Avenue and along 68th Street to the subway on a Friday evening, with my hair bouncing beautifully, I couldn’t help smiling and thinking, I love New York!


Liz Hinds said...

Oh, I want to come and see it too! One day ...

35 days to go and doing okay so far!

Did you notice I'd given you an award, mary?

MaryB said...

Do, come, Liz - now's the time, since the exchange rate is in your favor.

Glad all is going well for Lent. Me, too -

Yes, thank you so much for declaring me a Wonderful Woman!