Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Heart New York, Part 2

Central Park. Just one more reason to love New York. I spent a couple of hours walking through the park and along Central Park West today. It's a beautiful (and free) way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Alas, the low-res pictures on Shorty PJs doesn't do the place justice, but here are a few favorites:

The Bethesda Fountain Angel (but no water in winter, of course)

Lighted fountain near Cherry Hill

Sun-dappled building on Central Park West

One of the many Central Park bridges (this one is northwest of the Jackie O Reservoir)

San Remo Apartments, one of the famous two-towered stuctures on Central Park West. And, no, you can't afford to live here.

Statue of Daniel Webster in Central Park


Chris said...

Absolutely brilliant.

I'm waiting for you to move into the San Remo Apartments - THEN I'll come visit!!

MaryB said...

Chris - Can you picture hell freezing over? Well, that's just a little before I'll have the cash to move to San Remo. Aw, c'mon over. You can have the town for free, practically, right now, since the dollar's worth squat.