Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get me outta here!

Talk about a trip fraught with disaster! When last I posted I was cooling my heels at La Guardia for 9 hours, hoping the evening flight to St. Louis would indeed take off. It did.

But my luggage didn't take off with it.

Got in to icy St. Louis around 10:30pm (central time; that's 11:30 real time), then waited patiently with the other passengers to get my bag and go. 'Cept it never came down the luggage shoot. Another women who was booked on my 12:55 flight found her bag piled up in a corner, so I was hopeful. But, no. Hoofed it to the baggage office, long line, even longer forms to fill out.

So I arrived at the hotel with no change of clothes (which I usually carry on with me), no Blackberry charger (which I usually carry on with me), no make-up (which I usually carry on with me). Well, you get the picture. Aaargh! Why I threw everything into my check-in bag, I'll never know. Massive brain-fart on my part, and I'm paying dearly.

I fluffed myself as good as I could yesterday morning, but I still looked like I'd been rode hard and put up wet. Called to check on my bag around midday, only to find out it was sitting in New York. "Shall we send it to you?" "NO! Hold it in New York - I'll get it when I return tomorrow."

So there you have it. I've been wearing the same clothes since Thursday morning (yes, I've been rinsing out the undies at night). As for the makeup and hair, well. Believe it or not, there is not a CVS or Walgreens within 5 miles of downtown St. Louis. How can that be? There are only office buildings, a few monuments, a couple of sports stadiums (stadia?), hotels, restaurants, and a Macy's. That's it. I trekked to Macy's to buy a new sweater, just to have a different look. Got mascara and eyeliner, as well. But the store had nothing in the way of velcro rollers or curling irons.

I return to New York - please God - this afternoon. I am ever hopeful that my bag is, indeed, waiting for me at La Guardia.

So let that be a lesson to you, kiddies. Always pack a change of clothes and your mascara. Now, get me outta' here!


Anonymous said...

Bummer! XOXO


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that inner beauty shined!
But sorry you've been so, lil sis

Anonymous said...

We had a mechanical problem leaving St. Pete on Wed. Taxied to the take off point and there was NO revving of engines... My "seat mate" was a poor little woman who never flies and had asked me to clutch my hand on take off. Poor dear must have blacked out. She thought we had taken off and exclamed, "that wasn't so bad". After retrieving my brused and battered hand I explained to her we were still on the ground and had to return to the gate. One hour later we went through the same routine. Travel just isn't what it used to be... suit and tie for the guys, pill box hats, gloves and charm bracelets for the gals. Welcome to Greyhound of the skies. I'm just glad I don't have to do it that often any more. I don't envy you executive warriors.
Maybe tonight, Sis, you will be in your own bed and have curly hair and clean clothes.

Anonymous said...

We've found it easier to travel light and never check bags. Most places have those coin laundry things if the undies really need washing. Which they do in my case cause I hate to fly!

MaryB said...

Thanks for the love and support family and friends. At least the bag and I made it home together yesterday. I have a couple of weeks to recover before my next trip.