Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ah, the days of red construction paper and white paper doilies

Happy Valentine's Day, dear bloggers!


Anonymous said...

I sill remember the "mailboxes" we made of paper bags . Getting all those valentines from the girls you couldn't stand. But the party was always the best with cupcakes and the little rectangle vanilla ice cream with the red heart in the middle. I am taken back each year when my wife brings home all of the "favorite teacher" cards. Things were way too simple and less complicated then. Too bad we all supposedly grew up. JMB

MaryB said...

Jay - oh, yeah! Barger School had great holiday parties, that's for sure. Whether we decorated paper bags or shoe boxes, it was a day of double-excitement (and forehead slapping), as we distributed our Valentines, then opened up the ones left for us. I'd forgotten about the little block of vanilla ice cream with the heart in the middle! I'm glad we got to grow up when and where we did, Jay. And yet, I hope my own daughter will say the same thing someday.