Monday, February 11, 2008

'Neath the Spanish Moss

Miss me? I'm in Live Oak, Florida, for a 3-day mission discernment meeting. Specifically, I'm at an Episcopal conference center called Camp Weed.
So far, I haven't seen any camping or any weed(s). Lots of Spanish moss, though.

Y'all take care of the world until I get back to New York on Wednesday. And try to behave yo'sevs.


Anonymous said...

What ya know! We will probably cross the air on Wed. I'm headin' to Sarasota early Wed. afternoon. I'll wave as we pass.

MaryB said...

Wow, bro! I fly out of JAX around noon headed for LaGuardia. We may well pass in the skies over Georgia - Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmph... Wondered where you had gotten off to. Enjoy the ... uh ... er ... weed.

Anonymous said...

My comment is, how am I sposed to leave a comment? I don't understand all this new stuff on the page-- wordpad? openID? I notice it all started up along with the year-of-the-rat. Figures. Carey (in case the other stuff doesn't work)P.S. I have now tried name/URL 3x and OpenID/AOL once, and it won't let me submit this comment!! Aarrrgh! Guess I'll have to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Name/URL worked this time! I hope I haven't clogged your box with multiple comments!

Em said...

Spanish Moss is beautiful...but also a little creepy. Enjoy your trip!

MaryB said...

Winston - No "weed," but they surely do serve real live Luzianne iced tea in the dining hall!

Carey - I don't know what all those new little tid-bits are, either! I just noticed them. Hm. But as you see, both of your comments posted, so just do whatever it was you did . . . :-)

Em - yeah, Spanish moss is real creepy. Not to mention, a parasite, to boot.

Liz Hinds said...

Don't you just love church-speak? A mission discernment meeting - are you there to find out why you're there?!

Covered by the blood, sister.


Camp weed said...

Heh heh
Mission discernment meeting
Maybe the moss are the weed ;-)